Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Orlando passing centuries!

At last the painting of immortal Orlando, I hope you'll enjoy the mystery as I do.

Orlando is an acrylic painting on canvas, the bigger one, the size of this artwork is 100x80 cm. 

It deals with the theme of relativity of time and immortality - charming immortals how could one resist? 

Orlando is one of my favourite book characters, s/he is an immortal from a novel by Virginia Woolf. The queen Elizabeth I. of England gave to Orlando properties on one condition - he will never grow old and lost his beauty...

The Orlando on painting walks through garden and vears lady's dress from 17th century and gentleman's wig, both together reffering to his change from a gentleman to lady during centuries. S/he is also holding two pocket watches, in the middle of each are small images, horse and lady in garden - moments in his/her life.

Sincerely, how would it be to percieve time as s/he does?

This painting is currently exposed in Prague at the exhibition called 'In between time', more.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Exhibition 'In between time' Prague

Hello everyone, 

I'm proud and happy to invite you all to my new exhibition in Prague. It takes place near famous Wenceslas Sqare in a wonderful environment of Friends Coffee House (Palack√©ho 7, Prague 1). 

I must say I did realy enjoy all of the preparations for this event, which ended by the trip to this beautiful town yesterday. 

However now is everything settled and on displey are also two new paintings: Orlando and Above sky. 

So, if you have a trip to Prague, or of course, you live there, you are welcome to come. 

The Beauty of Night Sky

I would love to introduce my new 'clouds and stars' work called Above sky. 

Above sky is an acrylic painting on canvas belonging to the small series 'Amongst Stars', which deals with the theme of night and day. 

This artwork look into the mistery and beauty of night, when on the dark blue almost black sky brightly glow stars with all their moods and secret lifes. Each of them alone, yet together in all those constellations and the mystique influence they have upon our lifes. 
However, we can't forgot about love.

There is ballrome and couple - lady and gentleman star dancing with the feets on cloud and heads among stars. In the background you can see some star constellations - Lion, Great Bear, Orion. Cassiopeia, Northern Crown, etc.