Monday, 2 February 2015

Winter coming on horse and completed series 'Four Seasons'

After all there is complete series Four Seasons.

Its last painting 'Winter Comes' is 50 cm lenght and 70 cm height and it is ofcourse winter painting. I must say that maybe due to a current winter and snow everywhere around I prefered to work on things with leafs on trees and so on, but after all I must say that I really enjoyed this painting to. Blue is wonderful colours with its so many tones and shadows, but it was quite nice to paint a horse again. I love these animals, but well who don't.

So there is a little more about this freezing artwork.

Winter Comes is an acrylic painting on canvas belonging to series Four Seasons. This artwork deals with the theme of winter and shows lady in long dress symbolising frost, sitting on white horse representing the winter itself.

'Freeze, cold mist passing by when you walk throught park in early morning. Firstly not even apparent, then like a sudden scent of winter in the air and finally like a cold clear diamond being everywhere around - felt, yet never seen.'

And for those who didn't came across the rest of this small series, there are three other paintings. However firstly just like a little addition, when I was travelling from Prague I came across wonderful classical music I didn't hear for a long time. So for those who are interested there is overture to The Barber of Seville and also Le carnaval des animaux(L'aquarium).

The Dance of the Rose 60x60 cm
The Dance of the Rose is an acrylic painting in Naive Art style. This artwork is inspired by the theme of spring and captures woman with long flying dress in motion, expressing the feeling of freedom and lightness of spirit. The arch around figure represents blooming fields with tulips and levander in corners accompained by simple blossoms and leafs of wild roses.

'What it would be to dance as a Rose, elegant and impressive, live in gardens amongst all those blooming flowers and by a simple movement spread so much scent.'

Under the Sun 50x60 cm
November is an acrylic painting in Naive Art style. This artwork deals with the themes of Summer, 19th century and its fashion.

The painting shows lady with parasol on a walk in park. Just imagine the feeling of sun touching your skin and light fresh air playing with a few hair, which were happy enough to run off a clip, while you are walking on the sidewalk amongst trees with fresh green leafs and meadows with flowers, passing all those people admiring blue summer sky and sunlight shining through old trees.

November 50x60 cm
November is an acrylic painting in Naive Art style dealing with the theme of Autumn.

This painting shows a lady in long dress, with hat and gloves calmly sitting on a bench, amongst falling leafs. With a purpose to express Autumn as an lonely distant season, that give us time to contemplate an wandering around with feet in fallen foliage completely alone.

All these artworks will be exposed at the exhibition 'Beautiful Century' in BĂ­lovec, Czech Republic from 16th February to 21st March.

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