Friday, 23 January 2015

'Soirée' small golden mural!

'Soirée' is one of those works which I planned to do for some time. It is a small mural with size 68 x 68 cm. 

The painting shows lady in red and golden colours with hat, long gloves and dress in motion, which comply what exactly I wanted to do. I think that the title 'Soirée' suits it best - for open position of hands, relaxed yet elegant expression of the face, but mainly for rebellious and quite modern hat, while the rest of the dress, especialy the top part keeps elements of the 19th century evening dress.

This mural is a little complement to the elegant room with black and dark brown furniture and usually red and dark blue linen. That could sound a little gloomy, but the room is lighten by white walls and light beige floor and vintage accessories gives this place pleasant touch of originality.

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