Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Preparation for Valentine's day and the Idea of Love

Hello everyone, althought it's winter and here is everything cover by snow, there soon gonna be a Valentine's Day. I decided to do at last two paintings inspired by this event, which sounds to me as a very atractive theme - mainly for Naive Art. 

But  now...

The idea of love is for me somehow fascinating. I don't mean any kind of love, when people actually don't love the other person, but only hoping to find in their lover what they miss themselves, or even yearning for someone else to make them happy. I don't even talk about likeliness or favour. And be honest I see a lot of people whom married from this simple reason, as they could live this life again. 

But we are artists, and I guess it would be highly hypocritical especially by us (at least by people like me) to do not experience or see our lives in the real way. Not in a sense what is considered to be real and possible, but behind it - to feel life by sences which can catch the scent of what is realy possible and be able to percieve it fully - really.    
So, I prefer to talk about love in a way of real love which is considered to be impossible these days or just a simple imaginary illusion about which most can't even think as real.

In my way of thinking - love can be experienced in many ways. In a simple moments of everyday life - as a morning sun beams gently touching tiles of your bedroom, or simple movement of dress. Sudden capture of gentleman's cologne, sound of music stronger than words or the way of how someone's cat examines you. Moments of impression, when someone captures the reason for life in life itself. But this is not about what Valentine's Day is. 

I think about (romance) love as about something divine, what is not to be spoken, as it is something one can know and feel, yet can't or better lose all of their will to speak about. One doesn't have to talk about true, as same as one knows yet can't describe what is actually life. Try it. 

Fascinating, as I said. The idea of love is something what has all my respect, so I will let it stay open or I'll let you to tell me, if you wish, and if it realy isn't better to pass it in silence.

And about paintings above.

Valentine is an acrylic painting on canvas with size 100x100 cm, which makes it my biggest painting at the time. 
The artwork is in Naive Art style and shows lady in red dress and gentleman in tail coat. They are siting on trunk in a shadow of leafs and holding each hands. In lover right you can see a strip of roses.

'In the Park' is an acrylic painting on canvas, 100x100 cm, deals as well with the theme of love and romance. 

The painting shows couple riding on horses. Animals are gently and silently trotting through the park, without bridles or stirrups reffering to the freedom of movement and liberty itself, but also to the silent state of minds, of two soul mates, when there is no need to talk. 

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