Sunday, 28 December 2014

One small summer dream - new painting 'Under the Sun'

I am happy to introduce new just finished painting called 'Under the Sun'. I must admit how nice it made me feel to work on bright and summer painting in weather like is here. Now there is actually winter, with all its charms: cold blue sky with glittering snowflakes and roof covered by airy white duvet, all fascinating, yet freezing to look and feel.

Even though I love winter, I was somehow very happy to work on this summer painting with its warm colours, bright green grass, summer sky and lady in such a light dress, imagining the feeling of sun touching my skin and light fresh air playing with a few hair, which were happy enough to run off a clip. Just to walk amongst trees with fresh green leafs and meadows with flowers, passing all those people admiring blue summer sky and sunlight shining through old trees. 

Under the Sun is an acrylic painting on canvas with height 60 and lenght 50 cm. This artwork deals with the theme of Summer, of course, but also with the 19th century and its fashion. 

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