Sunday, 14 December 2014

Municipal House and 'Vital Art Noveau 1900' in Prague

Today I would love to recommend you an exhibiton in Prague. It's called Vital Art Noveau 1900 and takes place in Municipal House - it's exactly the case when anyone who loves Art Noveau can't resist - 19th century, 'La Belle Epogue' and all those beautiful artworks, dresses and accessories, all permeated by these times quality and elegance, which is in a word echanting. 

But let's start with the building, because it's fascinating by itself. It's civic building in Art Noveau Style where usually take place a lot of events, concerts and exhibitions. You can find there even a restaurant and café but mainly famous Smetana Hall.

Municipal House is also perfectly located. It's next to the Powder Gate, the historical centre of the city. If you would have gone through the Gate and than continued along Celetna Street you would got to Old Town Sqaure and from here easily to the famous Charles Bridge or Estates Theatre, where took place premiere of Mozart's Don Giovanni in 1787.

Back to the Municipal House - it's definitely one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague. It was decorated (also) by Alfons Mucha, Jan Preisler, Max Švabinský and Mikoláš Aleš. When  you enter the main door you'll be amazed by all the glass, marble and mosaic - simply the grandeur of everything around. So it seems to be a perfect place for such a events as the exhibition of dresses made by Blanka Matragi or the exposition of Alphonse Mucha's works, which took place here last year.

And now to the Vital Art Noveau 1900. The expositions includes some of the most interesting and well known Czech and European artworks from this period of time. There are works made by Alphonse Mucha, Toulouse Lautrec and many others. You can find there great examples of decorative art, too - furniture and accessories - as unique and cultivated as it can be.  

For everyone who has even a small weakness for those days clothing it is a small paradise. There are so many kinds of dresses: day and night dresses, winter coats, tuxedos, lingerie, corsets. Everything is perfectly made - every detail fits and matches with the rest, apparent is also the quality of textile and careful work. I can't omit accessories, demonstrations of shoes, gloves and hats, but mainly jewellery - all diamonds thoroughly fitted in necklaces, rings and hair clips.

Yes I am a bit enthusiastic about it, but I think Art Noveau and whole 19th century is one of those with which is not difficult to fall in love. 

All photos of interiors are taken from the Municipal House's official websites.
Direct link to the exhibition, here.

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