Sunday, 21 December 2014

Farewell to the Autumn - A new painting 'November'!

After some time, I am happy to present to you my new painting. It is called 'November' and as the title indicates it deals with the theme of Autumn. It belongs to the same series of paintings as 'The Dance of the Rose', which I prepare for an exhibition in BĂ­lovec, Czech Republic. 

November is an acrylic painting on canvas. The height of this artwork is 50 and its length is 60 cm.

This painting shows a lady in long dress, with hat and gloves calmly sitting on a bench, amongst falling leafs, expressing the Autumn as an lonely distant season, that give us time for contemplating and wandering around with feet in fallen foliage - completely alone. 

While working on this artwork I combined figure in naive art style - focusing on the woman in dress, with the silhouette and details - with abstract style for the background. 

In regard to the official first day of winter, this painting is my goodbye to the autumn, which was cold (here) but after all impressive.  

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