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Friend of mine asked me, what I consider important when working on my artworks, talking about technique. I prefer don't limit one's self by school learned techniques, use sences and intuition and technique comes out itself. I find out that knowledge comes with creativity, but also experience, sometimes such a kind of experience one wouldn't expect, which brings me to, what I've learned from the ballet and music.

Ballet is one of the most remarkable ways of expressing emotions and feelings. I always admire the seeming simplicity of all those movements - which are usually impossible for most of us. I love this way of dance. The strenuous training, which all balerinas have to take, can teach us how important is every small detail. Even only a few centimetres deflected position of leg and whole movement losts it's symmetry. This is what fascinates me so much, the way of perfectness and the need for things to look natural and make sence. 
For those who are interested, there are some demonstrations pervaded by this quality: The Dance of the Knights from Romeo and Juliet, Entrance of Swans from Swan Lake and a part of my favourite Eugene Onegin, it worth to watch this preview of Eugene Onegin too, for its costumes and stage settings, but also for splendid capture of the theme of whole story.

And music. This is also why in my oppinion is Mozart's music so enchanting - it's deep, elegant, bright, it goes gently and seems simply, yet it is not. Every note has its meaning and sense, and finally together they create incommutable symmetry of tones. Just listen. Or Vivaldi's Four Season, maybe the Winter.
Classical music is wonderful, teaches us so many things. Someone said than in past times was music created for it self without all the personal mess some people tend to put in it these days - art created for art, and you must agree it has its charm.
And all those painters: DalĂ­, Rembrant, Carravagio, Goya, DaVinci, Mucha...

Even fashion designers: Coco Channel, Blanka Matragi...

From who else we should learn than from those, who manage to gain genius in their work. 

So, everything must make sense. Talking about my way of creating anything - even here is every line as same important. One unnatural line and you create often unpleasant disconnect, while the right way of lines can give your character on paper or canvas life.

About these two drawings. Both of them are from the Eugene Onegin ballet and both capture Onegin and Tatiana and their beautiful yet unfulfilled romance accompained by atmosphere of old Russia. 

Ballet Romance, pencil on paper (the first one on the right) 
'Love, devotion, trust. Beauty of movement and mystery of love. Ballet Romance is a pencil drawing on paper inspired by Onegin ballet, capturing the movement as natural expression of love and devotion, with the emphasis on the beauty of love and emotion expressed through dance.' 

Ballet Affection, pencil on paper (the second one on the left) 
'Affection and attachment. Beauty of movement and mystery of love. Ballet Affection is a pencil drawing on paper inspired by Onegin ballet, capturing the ease of movement and full value of true emotion in dance.' 

Both those artworks are for sale, if you'd like to purchase any, just visit this link.

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