Monday, 3 November 2014

Upcoming exhibition in Bílovec and pocket watches!

As you may be know, there are two upcoming exhibitions, first in Bílovec and than in Prague. But now, let's engage a few lines to the first one.

Bílovec is a small townlet, classical for Czech Republic. There is old square, chateau and cute alleyways with old houses around. And just for information, it's near to Klimkovice spa.

The exhibition starts on the 16th of February and ends on 20th of March and takes place in my most favourite café of all, called Mon Ami. 

This cafe is very classical, what perfectly fits with my nature and I think paintings as well. You can even buy there a book or browse one of very interesting magazines. You can't imagine the enthusiasm, when I found out about the magazines. They are about fashion, watches, diamonds, cottages, traveling and so on. But they are in Czech of course, but also in English, German, Russian and French. 

And now, why I am writing about it. Well, obviously I am very fond of cafes, languages, cultures, and beautiful things, but mainly - pocket watches - as you've maybe already found out. 

They remind me of the elegance of my favourite 19th century. They are very classical, and also present us time in such a charming manner. I have four of them, after my ancestors - one very old, but the year is nowhere to be seen; younger watch from 1842 and two others. 
The feeling, that it was worn in times, when ladies walked around in those elegant dresses and if they wanted to go somewhere else, they just used a carriage pulled by horses. Just imagine men taking their hats of, while greeting people on the boulevard or those houses around streets.
Where the person wore them? How they lived? It's a little step back in time, reminds us of the originality and quality of things from this period.

It's interesting, when you see the rush everywhere, everybody struggle for something, always hurrying somewhere, hoping for something. And than when you just take a look to such an old thing, like are those pocket watches and realize, that it belonged to someone, who is now dead and everything what made him sad or happy, or what he considered as important is irelevant now. Everything he yearned for and maybe got, passed with him. 
So isn't it better to just enjoy life and do what you love? Because in fact, it never matters about what we do - just to be happy about it.

About the event itself
This whole exhibition will be dedicated exclusivelly to the 19th century. There gonna be new paintings and drawings. But there is something about the event and the main theme itself what I can't write about now, so let it be secret for some time, growing into surprise for another. And I assure you, you'll like. 

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