Monday, 10 November 2014

The elegance of horses and three little paintings

Horses can be enchanting in so many ways.
Passionate, when they are runing around, free, full of energy, while the wind is rising and it is about to be storm.
Elegant, gently floating on the ground of riding hall, with handsome man in black jacket on their back.
Noble, on a ride in old park with an aristocrat and his friends or lady with long dress.
Or even hitched in carriage in Bois de Boulogne like in one of Maupassants stories.

 A think there is nothing more I can say.

Decision, Freedom and Independence

From left: Decision, Freedom and Independence are three acrylic paintings belonging to each other, and to the surreal gallery 'Back to Earth'; 20x20cm  30x30cm 24x30 cm.

These paintings are inspired by Spanish Riding School and baroque riding, we can see from left levade, capriole and courbette. But this mini serie also deals with the theme of Time, in response to which, these three artworks together form three of the most important properties of any free being.

This artwork is currently for sale, if you’d like to purchase it, just click here.

Gallery 'Back to Earth'
This gallery is mostly inspired by polite and elegant 19th century, its romanticism and fashion. And it also deals with the nature of time, questioning its existence and suggesting the idea of us standing beyond it and playing with it as it pleases us. All of it gently alludes to the beauty of existence and the idea of immortality, as most of my characters on canvas are supposed to be wandering around all those centuries, dwelling in eternity and rejoice in beauty of life.

Gallery ‘Back to Earth’ was exposed in Ostrava, Czech Republic from September to November 2014. More information about exhibition, here.

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