Saturday, 1 November 2014

Simple moments and the abstract series 'Amongst Clouds'

I personally think that the most beautiful thing in existance is every simple moment itself. Exact moments. But I don't mean moments like when you success in something or when you get something you've wanted, but moments. Those short points in time, when you see some kind of detail and than realize, that you enjoyed it. 

It can be someones sight - the short moment, when someone look at you in that strange, yet impressive manner, somehow more intimately, more really.
Or it can be moments, when you capture a simple movement - of leaves on tree or a move of a ballet dancer at the Paris Opera. 

You can even wake up in early morning, go for a walk, and when you turn around, realize the dew on grass, lying there like a small pile of diamonds messed up around. And that you realize, that you can see it only when you walk this way, with first sun lines in front of you, otherwise it is only a grass. In that moment, you are maybe wondering, whether it was the dew, what impressed you so much, or if it was the simple fact, that you could miss is - so easily.

I love these moments. Life resulting from life itself. There is some kind of delight of capturing them - or capturing movement, mood, passion and desire, or even calm and innocence joy of life, like a simple melody, yet silent. 

This all is in basic of this series, and its every simple painting. Amongst Clouds is the only abstract part of Gallery 'Back to Earth' and its main theme is spirit. Its freedom, independence and power.  

‘As spirit dancing on the sky, formless yet beautiful, completely free and graceful.’

Being Wind is an acrylic painting on canvas; 40x40 cm (right).
 'What it would be being wind and silently float amongst clouds and tress and places so far, that you can hardly imagine.'
Being Rain is an acrylic painting on canvas; 30x40 cm (above). 
'What it would be being rain and fall down from incredible heights, fly across clouds? Like gentle spring drizzle or wildly accompanied by summer storm.'
Being Storm is an acrylic painting on canvas; 40x40 cm (above, first painting in the article).
'What it would be being storm and get all the passion in you free? Flying amongst raindrops, hurrying in fresh and strong wind. Accompany thunderbolts and rejoice on dark clouds on sky.' 
One’s self: After Storm is an acrylic painting on canvas; 30x40 cm (right below). 
'The calm and beautiful time, when all the excitement from storm is over, leaving behind just release and a few moments for dance on red clouds to welcome new sun line and fresh air.' 

Paintings Being Wind, Being Rain and Being Storm are still for sale, if you like to purchase any of them, please click here.
If you are interested in any other my artwork, please visit this link.

Gallery ‘Back to Earth’
This gallery is mostly inspired by polite and elegant 19th century, its romanticism and fashion. And it also deals with the nature of time, questioning its existence and suggesting the idea of us standing beyond it and playing with it as it pleases us. All of it gently alludes to the beauty of existence and the idea of immortality, as most of my characters on canvas are supposed to be wandering around all those centuries, dwelling in eternity and rejoice in beauty of life.

Gallery ‘Back to Earth’ was exposed in Ostrava, Czech Republic from September to November 2014. Information about the exhibition, here.

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