Friday, 7 November 2014

Shortly: Puppets - Ladies from the Theatre and Vicomte de Valmont

On my new FB Page are now also new and better photos of eight drawings inspired by fashion of the 18th century. Those illustrations belongs to the series called Puppets: Ladies from the Theatre, which is now to be seen in Ostrava with the whole gallery of paintings 'Back to Earth'.

Even though I don't watch tv, or films - with only a few exceptions - my favour for rococo fashion started with the movie Dangerous Liaisons, starring John Malkovich. One can love and hate his character Vicomte de Valmont at the same time - ironical, always elegant and so daring, and of course excellently played. But mainly, talking about this film; I always admire its costumes, interiors and the autenticity to the age. Because of what: The first scene from the Dangerous Liaisons gives us great overview for these times fashion. I love it, just take a look!



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