Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Písek - Enchanting Bohemian town!

Town of Písek, is undoubtely one of those most beautiful towns in Czech Republic and I am very pleased to have the honour to work here on my wall painting - but about that later. 

Back to the Písek, which can be translated as 'sand' in English. This name originates from the fact, that in history there was panned for gold in river sand, which is quite romantic, isn't it? As same as the fact that it is called 'The Athens of the South' - for amount of schools and education opportunities.

It's beautiful and very cultural town, with old white church above two adjoining squares - big and small - both full of old houses. Two of them are painted by Mikoláš Aleš. There is also brewery and old castle, where are now held exhibitions and other cultural events.

Farther from this middle of town is beautiful stud farm with long history and tradition, where was recently filmed one of short series called 1st Republic, about Czech history during years 1918 -1938 - before the second world war. 

But it would be sin to do not mention the oldest bridge in the country - even older than famous Charles Bridge in Prague (which is only hour and twenty minutes away). 

And one curiosity: the riverbank on the modern side is called 'Titanic'. Well yes it looks a bit like a ship, but as same as this liner so well known for its glamour and tragedy, once all those houses were flooded. 
The bridge too, of course but a huge part of reconstruction of it was sponsored by famous Czech singer, often performing in Germany and around the world - Karel Gott. 

In Písek you find also a lot of museums, all those baroque houses, historical institutes and schools - like film school. And there is held many exhibitions, vernissages and fairs. 
If you are in Prague, don't hesitate to visit this near town or even the town of Český Krumlov (Czech Krumlov), which is a real delight for everyone who loves history of architecture or even beauty itself.

And a little addition; Písek has also modern part of town, of course, but well as you know me, there doesn't exist force which would make me write about all those modern nonsenses ;) , if there is such a vast complex of historical beauty. Even though - I must stress - there is some kind of charm in the view of New York skyscapers, if you know what I mean.

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Until the end of my stay I'll add some more pictures.

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