Monday, 17 November 2014

About time, night and series 'On the Ground'

Time is a curious thing, isn't it? Some dream about past, their own or times, what they think were better. Some struggle for future, imagining what should happen, dreaming about how it should be.

And than there is the mysterious now. The moment some love and some hate, maybe because they lost in past, what they loved, or they are angry at them selves, that the so expectet and wanted future didn't happen by itself. 

But what with the now. The time when your mind is free from all of those thoughts about the past or future, free of fear. The so forgetting moment, the only moment when time can not exist. The moment when everything what is or will be depends only on your own will. The magnificant time, when you can do anything. Or you could, if you would be able to stop your mind from talking, which is usually the rub, isn't it?

People say, that vampires come out only during night. Well, friend of mine told me that this night has nothing to do with the position of the sun or the darkness of sky. That it is just a different world, or better - different point of view to this one. But it's called night, because in actual night people sleep and dream, and in their dreams there is no time and everything is possible - everithing literally. What brings us to the breathtaking Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera, even though I prefer the theatre version - well, I do always prefer the theatre version, if there is any. But the way how it is described here simply worth the attention.

But imagine world like this, world of mystery, absolute freedom and beauty, place what would create itself exactly according to you. A world where you can live in old stud farm and sit on one lonely tree in the middle of fields, or walk in forest with small wooden bridge over the stream. You could also travel in time, play with it as it pleases you, meet Mozart or queen Victoria, create diamonds in your hand or make things fly. Or again just live somewhere in the city, and have a breakfast in one of those beautiful french cafés, planning a visit of your family or friends in afternoon. Or both these ways. But seemingly, most mysteries are able to exist only in now - just learn to see. Why lose time by thinking about what have maybe happend as you remember it, or illusion of future, if there is - under all of those rubbish you were learn to think a remarkable world of such a possibilities. Welcome to the night that never ends, or dreamworld, what ever you like. 

And about the series 'On the Ground'

Once (above on the left, the first painting in the article)
Once is acrylic painting on canvas; 40x40 cm.
'What it would be if the time would end for once and forever and you would be free. Or should it be the romance? Your choice, but I find unbearably beautiful both these ways.' 

Coffee After Noon (above on the right, the second painting in article)
Coffee After Noon is an acrylic painting on canvas; 60x60 cm. 'What would 19th century be without old english parks, cafes and elegant ladies siting on iron chairs and drinking coffee, always and only in the right time of day. And what if one of them has so much ingenuity, that she is playing with pocket watches just above the dark surface of her coffee and wondering what would've happened, if she would drowned time.'

The Sun Undercover (above)
The Sun Undercover is an acrylic painting on canvas; 30x40.'What if the Sun would have been kind and elegant being - lady with hidden weakness for cloudy or even stormy weather? Maybe it would have been her personal joke. Or maybe she would've been just a little stubborn.’

Afternoon and After Midnight (below, the last two paintings in article)

Afternoon and After Midnight are two acrylic paintings 2x 30x40 cm. 
'One can be wandering around dark, yet bright night, walking in the moon light or just sitting on the grass and counting stars. Someone else would maybe prefer to swim in a silver lake or just visit places far beyond his imagination. And than maybe stay for a while in the shiny day, with his small secret hidden before world, and let it know only occasionally, by a slight gleam in his eyes.'

The Stolen Sun (on the right)
The Stolen Sun is an acrylic painting on canvas; 80x60 cm.'Maybe she is a little stubborn and angry on the way how things are supposed to be. She doesn’t like rules and absolutely doesn’t understand why one is supposed to subordinate them. Or even why should she.You maysaythat she is mad. But what gives you the assuredness that it is her who has lack of its own sanity?And he is staying so calmly yet attentive in background, just observing. Letting her rejoice in whatever she likes and maybe he is secretly keeping an eye on her, because he loves her and doesn’t want her to fall in troubles. Even though, he understands it completely.Who stays beyond time and its rules? Who can play with it? For whom time does not exist?'

Those paintings are currently for sale, if you like to purchase any, please click here.

Gallery ‘Back to Earth’

This gallery is mostly inspired by polite and elegant 19th century, its romanticism and fashion. And it also deals with the nature of time, questioning its existence and suggesting the idea of us standing beyond it and playing with it as it pleases us. All of it gently alludes to the beauty of existence and the idea of immortality, as most of my characters on canvas are supposed to be wandering around all those centuries, dwelling in eternity and rejoice in beauty of life.
Gallery ‘Back to Earth’ was exposed in Ostrava, Czech Republic from September to November 2014. More information about exhibition, here.

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