Monday, 27 October 2014

The very last week of the 'Back to Earth' exhibition!

The end of October is almost there and with it also comes the end of 'Back to Earth' exposition in Ostrava, Czech Republic. So, there is last week of the event, which means the last chance to see it!

The exhibition takes place in Antakarana, dolní 782/65, Ostrava, Czech Republic.

And about gallery 'Back to Earth'

This gallery is mostly inspired by polite and elegant 19th century, its romanticism and fashion. And it also deals with the nature of time, questioning its existence and suggesting the idea of us standing beyond it and playing with it as it pleases us. All of it gently alludes to the beauty of existence and the idea of immortality, as most of my characters on canvas are supposed to be wandering around all those centuries, dwelling in eternity and rejoice in beauty of life. 

Here, you can read something more about gallery 'Back to Earth', this gallery is devided into three parts: Amongst StarsAmongst Clouds and On the Ground. I can't forget my three little horse paintings. And of course, shortly about drawings: Puppets: Ladies from the Theatre.

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