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About night and day, series 'Amongst Stars' and... Mozart's waking hours

Just for a start, these paintings around belonging to the 'Amongst Stars' series, a part of gallery 'Back to Earth'. But about it later. 

Night, day and Mozart
I would say this is my favourite series of paintings and, although all are specific and somehow different, it would be true. I am very keen to the theme of night and day and I love to watch sky. 

Just take a look up to the day sky - with its so many shades of blue, white, but also pink or even golden. And clouds expending and then vanishing in all of those shapes. It gives me the feel of freedom and also some kind of assurance and soothing, because what is any kind of unhappiness in comparison with something like this. Right things get the right meanings, while everything else fall apart. 

Which brings me to mornings, my favourite time of day. Mornings are magnificent times, especially the picture of trees in forest or park hidden in morning mist with slight and gentle sun lines shining through them. 

Even though it wasn't easy to learn to get up early, because in fact I prefer to work at night. But when I found out that Mozart slept from midnight to six o'clock in morning, it made itself easier - I love Mozart - like character and his music, which is great of course, but mainly: he is mad the right way, I would say at least. But yet polite and simply genius, of course again, because of music, yet I mean rather as a person.

But let's dedicate some lines to the night. This deep, beautiful and bright, but also somehow more real time, which is how exactly I perceive it. More real than any other moment of the shiny day. Maybe it is because most of all sleep, everything is calm and silent. Or it could be because, our seeing is limited and so our senses get free, what makes us perceive more wildly and I would say, brightly and clearly. As if the real world would've opened up only after sunset, welcomes us after the whole day, when we were mostly doing all of those nonsenses, which we were learnt to consider as important and normal, letting them just take our time away. 
Infinite night sky with all its charms is so beautiful, maybe because it wants to remind us of real life and its beauty.

Not only night and day, but also time is important for this series, but what about let it for another time, another day. 

And about series itself
Those paintings belongs to the surreal series 'Back to Earth' and deal with the theme of time and night and day.
'If people would be like stars, dancing on infinite, dark, yet bright night sky.'

One of Realities: Night Sky is triple acrylic painting on canvas - three paintings 20x20, (right above).
What it would be to live a life of your own choice, be free, 'dance amongst stars' and not to be limited by anything, anyone, by any opinion or belief? Imagine stars like people, perhaps gentleman and lady.

Undecided is an acrylic painting on canvas; 40x30 cm (above, the first painting in article).
Which world would you choose? And why? Most prefer shiny day, but under the lamp is the greatest darkness. On the other hand, in night, when you're not distracted by the garish light of day... But what if it really doesn't matter about the light?

Night and Day is an acrylic painting on canvas; 40x60 cm (on the left).
What is really the difference? May be he hesitated himself. Is it really better to live on night sky? However, the other option is to be under the rules of time and some other little nonsenses of the day world.

Time? is an acrylic painting on canvas; 40x40 cm (below)
Is time realy a train of events inevitably running one after the other, or it is just an illusion existing only during day, because at night, those who've created it for them selves sleep. And what if it really doesn't matter about the light or part of day?

If you like to purchase some of these, One of realities, Undecided and Night and Day are still for sale here.
If you are interested in any other my artwork, please click here.

About Gallery 'Back to Earth'
This gallery is mostly inspired by polite and elegant 19th century, its romanticism and fashion. And it also deals with the nature of time, questioning its existence and suggesting the idea of us standing beyond it and playing with it as it pleases us. 
All of it gently alludes to the beauty of existence and the idea of immortality, as most of my characters on canvas are supposed to be wandering around all those centuries, dwelling in eternity and rejoice in beauty of life. 

Gallery ‘Back to Earth’ was exposed in Ostrava, Czech Republic from September to November 2014.

The painting called 'Time?' was also exposed on the exhibition of Milan Princ and his friends in PĂ­sek, Czech Republic in June 2014.

I hope, you enjoyed this post as I did. I wish you a day full of wonder or what ever you like.

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